Services / Food & Beverage

On-site Restaurants & Bars

Fine Dining

Located on the sea view site, Chef Gilberto Gato’s fame for producing outstanding Mediterranean dishes with a typical Portuguese twist, are based on his extensive use of local, fresh, seasonal ingredients. Whether it be fish as a main course or a carob-flavoured dessert, the elements on the plate are always, as he likes to say, the stars of the show.
Three stand-out elements, if one could pick them, are the wonderfully varied lunch salads, vibrant, colourful and all containing an element of protein (whether white or red meat, or fish), making a mid-day experience healthy while remaining light; the daily chef’s specials; and the restaurant’s extensive selection of quality wines by the glass, making tasting that much more easy.
On the marina view site, the wonderful restaurant integrates directly into the marina, allowing residents and guests to mix with general visitors to the marina.

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Family Dining

On the country and river view sites the restaurants are located next to the pools and in the case of the river view site, guests look directly out to the wonderful Arade river. Next to both restaurants is a bar. The marina view has a comfortable nautically-themed bar area.

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Themed Lunches & Dinners

We are open to hosting themed meals for our resident guests and any visitors they may have. Contact us in advance or while you visit.

We encourage our guests and residents to be proactive in proposing the themes, in generating interest and even (within limits imposed by health & safety) making small symbolic contributions from their self-catering homes away from home.

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Grocery Shopping Service

Everyone likes to eat out. But the reality for anyone living on a pension is that you need to budget just as much as anyone else (perhaps more than most). So while a meal out is a treat, it’s the eating in that’s the bread and butter (sic) of daily living.
In addition to walking you through an initial nutritional survey and assessment, healthy, varied and appropriate eating is key to general well-being. And making sure that a budget is well used, to ensure nutritional balance and variety, is essential.

We don’t think anyone has a service quite like ours. It isn’t just about going out shopping for you – any personal shopper can do that, and it will probably be expensive.


At Algarve Senior Living we do several things that you would probably find it difficult to do yourself, especially if you are new to the country:


Help you buy as much local, seasonal produce as possible;
Compare weekly prices so that you can make the most of any bargains; and
Point out your local supermarkets upon your arrival, and highlight the advantages of each;
Indicate where you can buy or order gluten-free or organic produce and groceries