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Tax, Pensions & NHR Advice


Portugal is very well positioned to become a leading retirement haven in Europe. Algarve Senior Living is very experienced in the Non Habitual Resident (NHR) regime which allows most retirees who have not previously been resident in Portugal for the last 5 years, to become resident in the country and receive their pensions tax-free for 10 years.





We have clients from more than 10 countries who have become tax-resident in Portugal and benefit from 0% tax on their pensions. Even though we have more practical, hands-on know-how of the regime, we are not authorised to provide tax or similar advice and so we would always, after an initial analysis of your requirements, refer you to one of our panel of tax and retirement specialists, to ensure that you have at your fingertips years of experience in the field of retirement to Portugal, and all its associated implications.




Algarve Senior Living has quickly positioned itself as one of the leading NHR solution providers. We specialise in assisting clients who need renewable annual rental contracts, which by law must be a minimum of 183 days to comply with NHR requirements but which can also, based on requirements from governments in other countries, be negotiated for longer lets. With the scarcity of long-term and full-year rental accommodation due to a competing (and increasingly successful) summer rental market, we are one of the best options to find suitable NHR-compliant accommodation.



With Portugal not (currently) applying inheritance tax for estate transfers to close relatives, Algarve Senior Living rental solutions also offer a way to avoid Portugal’s one existing wealth tax: the IMI or property tax which is paid annually by home owners.


If you would like a free professional assessment of your personal situation from one of our partner firms, or would like to get an idea of how the tax you save could be used to help offset your monthly costs (in some cases all of them!), please contact us.


Medical & Travel Insurance

We encourage all our residents, guests and visitors to take out sufficient travel insurance before travelling. We have agreements with several international and local insurance providers and will be pleased to make the necessary introductions. In some cases, it is possible to take out insurance once you have arrived in the country. Over time, we encourage all new residents to consider local alternatives which are often less costly even though the range of cover in other countries (outside Portugal)may be lower. We work directly with suppliers and via consumer associations to provide you with a range of options.

To get an idea of the approximate costs, please contact us.


Translation & Interpretation Services

A frequently-overlooked requirement, in particular in the early stages of a country move, where the need to deal with local departments in the local language is paramount, is the need for official documentation in the language of the country, and for support in speaking in Portuguese. Algarve Senior Living is there to assist.



Our in-house team has experience in general, scientific, legal and business translation for several international translation firms. We deal directly with several of the most common language pairings, including English-Portuguese, French-Portuguese, Spanish-Portuguese, and Dutch-Portuguese. We have also partnered with a leading international translation firm and an emerging translation portal to provide translation from more than 20 languages into Portuguese (or vice versa). Contact us if you wish to know more.



As part of our ongoing commitment to assist our resident guests, we will (for a token fee) assist with tasks such as signing you up for the local medical centre or taking you to get your Cartao de Cidadão (citizen card) produced. For more complex or time-consuming matters, such as dealing with notaries, interpreting services, dealing with the Finanças(Inland Revenue), etc. we offer our guests extremely competitive rates.

You do not need to be an Algarve Senior Living guest to use these services, all of which are available at competitive market rates.

Legal Advice

Whether it be preparing a local will, reviewing a long-term rental contract, applying for permanent residence or having someone represent your interests in a property purchase, we can recommend a law firm to assist.


Cycle Rental

Often cumbersome and costly to transport, we partner with a local firm to supply rental bicycles. We are also happy to help you source new or second bicycles at a range of local retail or online stores.


Hairdresser & Barber

We plan to have agreements with some of the local hairdressing salons and barber shops.

In some instances, it may be possible for them to visit you in the village.

Depending on demand and whether ladies and gents are prepared to use the same supplier, there is an opportunity for us to bring this service on-site.


Car Rental

While you are in the process of deciding whether a permanent move is for you, or if you prefer to have a car here, or even if you need a car for a few days, we can organise that.


Airport Transfer

For the guest who does not intend to have their own car during their stay (perfectly feasible because so many amenities are on site or a short distance away) or simply does not wish to drive, we can organise a reliable and fixed-price transfer to and from the airport.


Local Bus

Due to insufficient demand, the shuttle bus from the country view location does not always do its run to the towns of Carvoeiro, Lagoa and Ferragudo. However, reliable local bus services are available. From our river view option guests have easy access to both bus, train and boat transport.



Technology Support

We know many of you will have some form of technology that you use on a daily or at least frequent basis, for your daily tasks and to stay in touch with friends and family.

We have links to professional IT support staff, both PC/Windows and Apple device based, for any hardware or particularly complex problems. We recommend to all those who join us on a long-term or extended basis, to take out a European or equivalent collect and repair extended warranty, for any items bought in your home country.