Your Options

Winter Stays & Long-term rent

For stays of multiple months or over the entire winter. We know that many people aspire to a better quality of life than darker, colder and rainier climates further north. With many professional activities managed over the internet, you can continue to work (often with increased productivity) remotely. Recurring long term lets over the winter months are becoming increasingly popular. Due to demand, we encourage all those interested to book well in advance, typically between 12 and 6 months prior to their stay. We now also offer a paid search service, which is partly reimbursed if we find you suitable accommodation and you book through us.


Try Before You Decide

Before you make a decision, or if you are unsure of whether the move is right for you, stay at one of the locations we have selected, to try the ambience, the facilities and the services, and to get to know the area and its people.



Contact us about our personalised viewing and sourcing packages. 

For our potential Non Habitual Resident customers, Algarve Senior Living is one of the few companies that provides, organises and negotiates long-term renewable rental contracts, across a range of accommodation options.


Buy a Home

We recognise that you may want the reassurance of owning your home in retirement. True to our promise of offering choice, we now have access, via our strong relationships to several real estate partners in the country, to a large and varied real estate portfolio. For those who wish to rent before buying, we are unique in allowing you to do so, either in your property of choice or in a similar property. Go to our Properties for Sale section for more information.  For Sale

Still undecided?

Retire Abroad

If you wish to retire overseas, you have probably considered the Algarve as an option given its reputation as one of the best places in the world to retire. You may even be ready to move here. Talk to us if you are considering applying for Non-Habitual Resident status, allowing eligible retirees to live in Portugal and earn their pensions tax-free for 10 years. We also offer the possibility of a permanent, year-long option with a break in the summer, should you wish to escape the hotter period and the large number of visitors at that time, or simply keep costs down.

The retirement village concept is still in its infancy in Southern Europe. Retirement villages in the US, Australia and South Africa have existed for some time. While the number of retirement villages in the UK and other European countries is increasing, quality retirement locations, designed specifically for seniors and operating a range of independent and care options, are practically non-existent. The very limited options available are often in remote locations that are remote and/or inaccessible. Mobility and accessibility are often a challenge. Most independent (non-care) long-term senior locations operate an exclusively sales-based model, and rental models or those offering both rental or purchase options, continue to be few and far between.

Established retirement communities take time to build. With the help of an increasing number of guests and residents, our aim is to gradually create the seeds of communities in a number of locations across the region by encouraging new residents to gravitate towards locations where like-minded people of a similar age already live. We believe strongly that this model will achieve the best balance between continued independence and a sense of community. We have selected sites and accommodation which most closely resemble vibrant, active senior communities, where the local community and other resident expatriates have established a social and interactive way of life.


Existing Algarve residents

You may be a full-time or part-time resident of the Algarve. You may need flexibility which your current home does not offer. It may be too far from the support you need. Your circumstances may have changed. You may now be alone. You may like a different lifestyle, perhaps spending less time dealing with an unruly garden or with DIY around the house. Or you would like some help with some niggling health problems. Algarve Senior Living helps you achieve this.

The most important thing to do in order to achieve a change of lifestyle is to plan well in advance. At Algarve Senior Living we might be able to help, assuming you own a home in the Algarve, in one of the following ways:


Our senior team has a wealth of real estate experience. We can make sensible suggestions as regards your options and even provide relevant local real estate contacts;
- Our knowledge in the area of domiciliary care and our specialist partners in this area mean that you can remain at home but receive some help;
- If your property is suitable as a long-term rental, we will be happy to add it to our portfolio.

Family and Friends Visits

The property is your home during your stay. Subject to the maximum occupancy limits of each property, clients are welcome to invite their family and friends to a relaxed break in the sunshine…