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Algarve Senior Living was launched as the Algarve’s (and one of Southern Europe’s) first rental-based independent living propositions aimed at the senior (broadly-speaking, 50+) market. Since its launch, Algarve Senior Living has expanded its offering to include a comprehensive range of options for the senior or retiree looking to spend long periods in the sun or to retire permanently to sunny Southern Europe. This now also includes the sale of real estate.


Unique in the market, Algarve Senior Living operates both a rental and a sales model. Importantly, our range of options imply that you can stay for a month while you try out the concept, spend one or more winters to get away from the cold, or decide on year-round living in a rental or a purchased property.


We have a variety of accommodation options, and our monthly prices in our preferred locations (used typically for a first visit or to get a feel for the region) are inclusive of most of the things that you would expect from a 4* hotel, but in your own apartment. We have no doubt that the cost of living will be substantially lower than in your home country, for a solution of equivalent quality. We are happy to run you through a detailed comparison which will allow you to validate this statement in the context of your personal circumstances.

A key differentiator is that we offer a personalised service and a range of options which allow you, as resident or guest, maximum choice. Our model is not aimed at the holiday-maker but rather at the person or couple who wishes to start a new life in the sun, even if that means initially only spending a few months in any one year. This process may of course start out with a holiday.

Algarve Senior Living offers a personalised service, accessible to most. Due to demand and to prioritise our team’s time, a key part of our business model is the cost-effective packages which we offer, including clarifying sessions on the tax-free NHR programme, our "discovery tours” to show either a range of long-term rental or purchase options, or our post-arrival administrative support package.

We do not discriminate as to age, and there are no minimum and maximum requirements. However, we ask all interested parties to bear in mind that our target audience and the majority of our clients are active, independent seniors. For any guests who require periodic access to healthcare, we have created a range of appropriate Medical Services options, and for those looking for permanent care, we have partnered with a modern care facility.

We have an experienced team, who have lived on many continents and experienced many working environments and retirement locations. In keeping with the Algarve Senior Living philosophy of choice, we have surrounded ourselves with partners of the highest quality and variety, and we hope that this effort will result in an above-average personalisation.

With one exception, Algarve Senior Living locations are not care homes, assisted living or acute care facilities. Guests and residents should not be concerned about feeling they are in a care environment, nor that they will lose or be perceived as having lost their independence. Most locations are active places where guests and residents can choose to maintain their privacy, or socialise and participate in group activities, as independent, active residents or guests. One try-before-you-decide location has on-site care. In this location, residents and potential residents will be able to receive the support they require.

Welcome to Algarve Senior Living

Prior to launching the business, the Algarve Senior Living team researched and prepared extensively for its Autumn (Fall) 2014 launch. The locations we have selected and on which our operations are concentrated offer a choice to seniors who are looking for permanent retirement or long stays in the region. We hope you will explore this site and find useful information about our offerings, the region and why it is such a great place to retire.

We have also been working in the background to start to make the Algarve Senior Living brand known around the world. We will post links to relevant articles and contributions on a regular basis but encourage you to read through an article, written completely by Algarve Senior Living, for the international publication Overseas Retirement Letter. Here you will find a detailed description of why the Lagoa municipality, in which our first three sites are located, is such an attractive multinational expatriate location.

Please take a look at Retirement in the municipalities of Lagoa and Silves.

Welcome to our site and feel free to explore, and to provide us with feedback and suggestions. We hope to welcome you as a resident or guest of Algarve Senior Living soon.

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