Our Services

Lifestyle. Friendships. Money. Easy access to family. Tax-free retirement.

This is what most people who move for long periods or retire permanently abroad consider important. At Algarve Senior Living we address all of these, either via the accommodation we rent or through the range of properties we sell.


The rental accommodation we have chosen typically includes:

4* accommodation on one of our preferred locations; or independent accommodation of different quality, from rustic to luxury, but all exceptional value for money

Parking (including covered underground where available)

Use of all facilities on the site location on which you are staying

Suitability in terms of accessibility (either single-floor properties or elevator access or we tell you beforehand if there are stairs)

Regular cleaning and linen change for our serviced locations

Internet access (available in most properties)

Cable television (available in many properties)

All condominium fees and charges (gardening, landscaping, pool cleaning, communal areas including lighting etc.)

Utilities sometimes included

Secure locations and very safe areas


Algarve Senior Living is not a holiday club and so we don’t organise a program of daily activities in which everyone must participate. That is not how most of us lead our lives. We like some routine mixed in with spontaneity.


In the early days of the business we spent extensive time and energy on organising an extensive programme of activities and while those who participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience, many others did not take part because their interests were different. We now tend to act as a referrer of suitable activities, often making an introduction or pointing people in the right direction, in order to get the most out of their stay or their move.