Even though between 10% and 33% of Northern Europeans, as well as an increasing number of Americans and Canadians, aspire to retire to warm Southern European climates, the options (or lack of them) are often a stumbling block in making the move (or indeed taking the first step).

We aim to become the premier and most flexible provider of solutions for retirees looking to move to the Southern European sun. Algarve Senior Living and Portugal Senior Living are our brands for Portugal.

We hope that our site will explain why our solution is so unique. We also hope that the information you find on this site will inform you about some of the choices you have when moving or retiring abroad. At Portugal Senior Living our objective is to try to accompany you on the journey.

We do not discriminate as to age, and there are no minimum and maximum requirements for a stay or a purchase of any independent living properties. However, our target audience and the majority of our clients are active, independent seniors.

Below is a snapshot of key business differentiators, but we recommend you also read the Q&A section below, which contains a high-level acomparison between independent living rental and purchase options, and other alternatives. The two most attractive options for retirees are a serviced or independent rental-based solution or the purchase of an independent property, which has historically been the most favoured route for emigrating retirees. We offer both.

Based on demand from clients from almost 20 countries and enquiries from more than 30, our business model is focussed primarily on providing a choice of independent living options. If you require care or think you may need more support in the future, we are also able to provide domiciliary care solutions via specialist partners and work with a specialist, rental-based, care facility.

For any guests who require access to permanent healthcare, please take a look here.

Factor / Type of accommodationIndependent villa or apartment purchaseWinter stays at hotelsPurchase at existing senior villageServiced or independent rental
Capital outlayVery highMediumVery highBEST: Low
Monthly cost with mortgageBEST: MediumN/AVery highMedium-high
Monthly cost without mortgageBEST: LowHighMediumLow-medium
Services & facilitiesNoneSomeManyBEST: Full or some
Purchase or rental optionsJOINT BEST: Purchase or rent-to-buyRentalPurchaseJOINT BEST: Rental or purchase
Flexibility (up/downsize)LowMediumLowBEST: High
Ownership choiceTotalNoneTotalFlexible = either rental or total
Tax efficiencyHigh (NHR)MediumHigh (NHR)BEST: Very high (rental with NHR)
Community and social contactLowMediumHighHigh (once established)
Interchangeability between locationsZeroLowZeroBEST: High


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