The retirement village concept is still in its infancy in Southern Europe. Retirement villages in the US, Australia and South Africa have existed for some time. While the number of retirement villages in the UK and other European countries is increasing, quality retirement locations, designed specifically for seniors and operating a range of independent and care options, are practically non-existent. The very limited options available are often in remote locations that are remote and/or inaccessible. Mobility and accessibility are often a challenge. Most independent (non-care) long term senior locations operate an exclusively sales-based model, and rental models or those offering both rental or purchase options, continue to be few and far between.

Established retirement communities take time to build. With the help of an increasing number of guests and residents, our aim is to gradually create the seeds of communities in a number of locations across the region by encouraging new residents to gravitate towards locations where like-minded people of a similar age already live. We believe strongly that this model will achieve the best balance between continued independence and a sense of community. We have selected sites and accommodation which most closely resemble vibrant, active senior communities, where the local community and other resident expatriates have established a social and interactive way of life.


Example future senior living project

For those planning for retirement in a few years, or who are considering a move from an existing retirement village or holiday village, either in the Algarve or abroad, the land for a landmark senior living project, located in Silves, has already been acquired by one of our partners, a large foreign corporation. This project will be included in our network of senior living villages when it is built. When finally approved (a lengthy process in Portugal) it is expected to be one of the first large rental-based bespoke independent living senior or retirement villages in the region. A second phase of the project will include an element of care.

In the interim, our business is participating as an investor and manager of the first independent living project for expatriate retirees, in a coastal Algarve location. Please see

Investor opportunities

Our business is also working with several potential sites, either in an advisory, design or future management capacity, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of senior living options in the region, over the medium to long term. This coverage extends to our subsidiary business in Spain.

Any investors or partners involved in this area should feel free to contact us to discuss potential synergies. We also encourage contact from appropriate projects or potential projects in this sector.

We currently have a half dozen senior or retirement living project investment  opporutnities in Portugal, ranging from €1 to €5 million, and several larger opportunities in our Spanish business. Contact us if you are an investor looking for annualised ROI of 15-20% and ROC of 40-100%.


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