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Long-term rentals: The future of the rental market in Portugal?

LONG-TERM RENTALS: THE FUTURE OF THE RENTAL MARKET IN PORTUGAL? As recently as two years ago, it was unquestionable that Portugal provided Europe’s best investment destination. A growing economy, falling unemployment, a recovering real estate market, an investment surge in real estate driven primarily by the very successful Golden Visa program, a wave of (mostly) […]

ORL Portugal Teaser v2 – TAX-free Retirement

TAX-free Retirement in the Heart of Europe   Anyone who is nearing or at retirement age wants to protect his or her hard-earned pension. Many want to do this in a safe country with a warm climate, friendly people and a great lifestyle. Now one country has made it easy to do all the above. […]

The Algarve: Best Place in the World to Retire!

The Algarve: Best Place in the World to Retire! Finally it is official! It has been coming for some time, it must be said. Europe’s leading beach destination – World Travel Awards. 2nd best place to retire overseas – The Telegraph. 7thfriendliest nation in the world (among 140 surveyed) – CNN. World’s leading Golf Destination […]

Another (boring?) Weekend in Paradise

Another (boring?) Weekend in Paradise We hear it all the time. Went on holiday but there was nothing to do. Great beaches, plenty of sunshine, but how can we otherwise occupy our time? The other day, I even had to convince a Portuguese person that he was falling into the trap of paying lip service […]